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Newbury Retail Door Frame Spraying

Retail Door Frame Spray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Newbury based retail store to respray the customer entrance door frames, window frames, and delivery doors and frames in line with their brand colours. As well as the visual appeal, well maintained frames will improve the integrity of your building, and reduce on-going maintenance costs, preventing […]

Point of Sale Respray

London Retail Paint Spraying Project

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by London based Vision Express to update their Burberry point-of-sale feature. With a gold finish and lots of additional metallic gold trim, we were asked to strip back to a more up-to-date minimalist finish. Project Preparation… This project brought about many challenges we don’t usually face in the […]

East London Canteen Paint Spraying

London Retail Paint Spraying

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by our East Ham based retail customer to respray the windows and door frames of their canteen. As well as the visible aesthetic improvements, paint spraying protects and saves money on maintenance long term. Project Preparation… Following an onsite inspection, we gave the customer a fixed quotation to […]

Retail Unit Respray

Retail Unit Respray

What The Customer Wanted… The customer contacted us wanting to bring their retail unit a new lease of life. A retail property has to draw in customers – poorly maintained properties reflects badly on your business. Scheduled maintenance not only keeps your property looking in good condition, it prevent larger, more costly issues from occurring. […]

Shop Front Respray

Hair Salon Respray

What The Customer Wanted… The landlord of a multiple small retail shops asked us to respray his shops, giving the properties a facelift, making the businesses more appealing to passing customers and as part of an on-going maintenance program. What We Did… Maintaining properties on a regular basis prevents small problems becoming larger one and […]

Forecourt Services Repair and Respray

Londis Shopfront Respray

WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTED… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to make repairs and respray a garage forecourt convenience store to improve the appearance to customers. The works put right previously carried out repairs, that had been done to a poor standard. Ongoing maintenance programmes save money in the long term, ensuring repairs are minor […]

KFC Rollout Continues

KFC Exterior Respray

What the Customer Wanted… CJ Paint Spraying are pleased to reveal the latest in the rollout of restaurant interior and exterior resprays for KFC. The rollout creates a more modern theme for KFC, and also acts as an ongoing maintenance program for the organisation. WHAT WE DID… The works consisted of respraying the external window […]