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Forecourt Services Repair and Respray

Londis Shopfront Respray

WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTED… The customer contacted CJ Paint Spraying to make repairs and respray a garage forecourt convenience store to improve the appearance to customers. The works put right previously carried out repairs, that had been done to a poor standard. Ongoing maintenance programmes save money in the long term, ensuring repairs are minor […]

Are Your Shop Windows Ready For Christmas?

Little Boy Admires Christmas Decorations In Showcase Of Shop.

With the festive season just about to get underway and December 25th just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to capitalise on the opportunities that Christmas can bring – and your shop windows can do an awful lot of good to help you drive those profits at this time […]

Commercial Property Demand Strong Despite Brexit

on site repairs

The last few years have been unstable for the commercial property market, as investors, owners and agents cannot predict how Brexit will affect the real estate industry and the overall UK economy. Indeed, since the referendum took place on June 23rd 2016, resulting in 51.9 per cent of the British public voting to leave the […]

Why have commercial on site spraying in summer

sky scrapers

There are many reasons why you should have on site spraying services completed in summer, one of the most significant benefits being the weather of course. Perfect weather for on site spraying As many of you will know the summertime provides us with the perfect conditions to perform on site spraying on commercial properties. Spray […]

What is on site spraying?

General Spray Paint

On site spraying covers a wide range of services, it typically means any services that can be done at the customer’s location. Here we are going to tell you what on site spraying is and the different services that come under this branch. What commercial and industrial on site spraying services are available to me? […]

Go Outdoors Shop Front

Go Outdoors

What The Client Wanted The client didn’t like the noticeable joints in the panels of their door entrance door. They requested a repair to the joint and respray of the panelling. What We Did Our guys when to Go Outdoors to fill the joint so when resprayed it gave it the perfect finish. We then […]

Shop front design ideas

Shopping Mall Store

As a store owner, it must be hard to know the best way to make your shop front design stand out from the rest. If you are a chain store, usually you have a corporate image which you have to stick to. Shop fronts are one of the most critical aspects of store design; therefore […]

Shop Front Rebrand: Why Choose Spray Paint?

shop front rebrand during

Over the course of a shop’s lifetime, the shop front may undertake numerous rebrands. There are various reasons for this, sometimes the previous branding has become outdated, whilst in other cases the process is undertaken as part of a larger national shop front rebrand marking a change in the company’s identity. Often, however, a rebranding project […]

Shop Front Painting: Breathing New Life

In recent years, spraying has become one of the most popular methods for shop front painting. Due to the stunning coatings which are achieved by this process it is perhaps unsurprising, especially when the durability and longevity of sprayed coatings are considered. Spraying presents a means of performing a complete recoating which is inexpensive in […]

Shop Front Spraying: Roller Shutter Door Spraying

Specsavers Window Frame Respray

The majority of shops on the British high street have roller shutter doors fitted. Typically, these doors open vertically and are an excellent security solution. Roller shutter doors consist of connected horizontal panels which literally roll up or down, when not in use these panels are stored in a cavity which is affixed above. Roller […]