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Newbury Retail Door Frame Spraying

Retail Door Frame Spray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by a Newbury based retail store to respray the customer entrance door frames, window frames, and delivery doors and frames in line with their brand colours. As well as the visual appeal, well maintained frames will improve the integrity of your building, and reduce on-going maintenance costs, preventing […]

Restaurant Shopfront Respray

Restaurant shopfront Respray

What the customer wanted… We were contacted by nationwide restaurant chain, The Giggling Squid, to respray the shopfront of their latest restaurant in Muswell Hill in North London. The modern restaurant wanted to respray the internal and external window frames, door frames and facias. Project preparation… Following a thorough on-site inspection, we analyse fully every […]

Bedford Window Frame Respray

What The Customer Wanted… We were contacted by our Bedford-based customer who wanted the window frames of their office resprayed from RAL 9010 to RAL 7016, giving a sleek and modern look and feel to the property. Keeping window frames in good condition is not only a matter of aesthetics. Well maintained window frames will […]

Windermere Post Office Respray

Before- Windermere Post Office Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the Royal Mail Post Office based in picturesque Windermere. The paintwork on the Post Office was looking dull and discoloured, and was in need of a facelift to keep up appearances. As an area of outstanding natural beauty, it was important that we didn’t change the feel […]

Shopping Centre Window Respray

Shopping Centre Window Frame Respray

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the management of the Oldham based shopping centre, which was undergoing refurbishment. We were asked to quote to respray the interior and exterior window and door frames of the entire building, also known as curtain walling. Curtain walling respraying not only gives improved visual appeal, it is […]

East London Curtain Walling

East London Newham University Curtain Walling Project

What the Customer Wanted… East London based Newham University contacted CJ Paintspraying to respray its window and door frames, also known as curtain walling. Curtain walling protects the structure of glazed units, which in turn adds structural support to a building as a whole. So as well as being aesthetically pleasing, well maintained curtain walling […]

East London Canteen Paint Spraying

London Retail Paint Spraying

What the Customer wanted… We were contacted by our East Ham based retail customer to respray the windows and door frames of their canteen. As well as the visible aesthetic improvements, paint spraying protects and saves money on maintenance long term. Project Preparation… Following an onsite inspection, we gave the customer a fixed quotation to […]

Large Office Curtain Wall Respray

What the Customer Wanted…  Following a large office block renovation project, we were called in to respraying the window frames and surrounds, known as curtain walling. The customer has a specified the use of RAL 9005, which gave a modern, contemporary finish. In addition to ‘off the shelf’ colours, we are able to match your […]

Property Facelift Gives New Lease of Life

Property Exterior Facelift

What the Customer Wanted… We all know ‘first impressions last’. With this in mind, our customer wanted to improve the kerb appeal of their offices and warehouses, respraying the exterior cladding and window & door frames match their corporate colours. What We Did… Following a thorough onsite inspection we set to work preparing the existing […]

Industrial Unit Dilapidation Project

Dilapidation Repair and Respray Project

What the Customer Wanted… We were contacted by the customer to quote for a complete dilapidation project for a property which hadn’t seen any significant maintenance plan for many years. The results of the renovation were truly impressive, allowing the unit to be re-let. Find out more… What We Did… Following a thorough onsite inspection, […]